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When you modify or delete files in large quantities, it's possible that you don't realize what you've changed. In some cases, this can cause problems for your programs.

DiskPulse is a useful tool to stay informed about changes made to your files as you work with them, offering a detailed list of the date, time, size, location, and actions taken on each.

If you uninstall a program, for instance, you can use the DiskPulse interface to see which files have been deleted and which have been modified. You can also use it to delete the files that remain on the computer even after uninstalling the program.

DiskPulse records the slightest changes to any document, from when it's opened until it's deleted or copied to an external hard drive.

It's very useful if you share your PC and want to know if your files have been changed, thus avoiding the possibility of losing important information.

The trial is fully functional for 30 days.

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